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We are Shani and Adi, identical twins from Tel Aviv, Israel. We make handmade jewelry for men, women and children. Inspired by minimalism, our style includes antique designs, soft touches, and casual materials, blending into items that have an elegant simplicity.

Our inspiration comes from all areas of life, especially our culture. We try our items to be composed of several styles at once - soft and rough, luxurious and simple, and always keep it minimalist. A lot of thought, love, and devoted work have been invested in each and every one of our items.

While creating our jewelry collection we decided to make jewelry that is minimalist and yet unique with a clean line, something we would wear, something everybody could wear.

We are always happy to hear comments and suggestions - and are always open to new ideas. If there is something that you want in a different color or in a similar model, please don't hesitate to ask and we will try to create it for you.

Peace and love

Adi and Shani

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